Vegan shoes without the legwork

Colourful vegan high top fashion trainers

Colourful vegan high top fashion trainers

These fun vegan trainers are made out of nylon and fabric and can apparently be put through the washing machine repeatedly and come out clean and fresh. They come from Brasil, where people are encouraged to wear them to the beach without using socks, and are meant to be breathable and comfortable.

The company, MAZ, apparently keeps bringing out new colour combinations and styles (boots, lace up trainers, velcro-fastened trainers, etc.) for men and women and never repeat the same colour combo twice. I’m pretty sure just about all their shoes are unisex and come in a huge range of sizes, plus kids’ sizes. I’ve picked a particularly girly one to show here, but I assure you there are plenty of colourful manly designs to please the vegan macho man as well.

Yet another awesome footwear company from Brazil, the country that’s given us Melissa Shoes and a few other similar vegan shoe companies. Thanks, Brasil! You guys rock.

You can check out the range of MAZ shoes at the MAZ website. It’s in Portuguese, though. Supposedly you can find out more about how to get them in the UK by mailing: which seems to be some sort of franchise or private import enterprise (here they are on Facebook). You can also check out the more readily available (in the UK, at least) Jinga trainers, also from Brasil.