Vegan shoes without the legwork

Asos Vegan Shoes on Sale Right Now

Asos Vegan Shoes on Sale Right Now

In my continued quest for on-trend vegan shoes in the January sale, I give you…Asos!

I love Asos. I’ve bought lots of clothes and shoes from them through the years, and they have a nice choice of all kinds of cruelty-free things. They also seem to be really good at listing materials, so you can check for any hidden leather in anything you buy. These are only a few choices from the current sale, based solely on the fact that I like them. I’ve seen lots more on there, so happy hunting.




Vegan Asos Silver BootsChunky Vegan Boots in Silver

OK, so there are only a few sizes left on the site, so some of you are not going to be able to get them, but I just really liked the silver colour. If you’re up to size 5 UK, you’re still good (for now, at least). At just under £25 and free delivery, they’ll make awesome gig / festival boots, as long as it’s not too muddy and miserable out there.

Get them here.





Asos vegan platform heelsBlack Vegan Platform Heels with Straps

Huge black peep toe platforms with a solid heel, and they’re only £14 right now. These literally go with everything, so make the perfect “fake it till you make it” heels. I’ve seen plenty of similar designer heels (yes, vegan ones too) that easily go for 10 times the price. While I’m sure we’d all love to support vegan designers (and to have the money to be able to support them), it’s not always possible, especially in January when everyone’s broke. These will do nicely.

They are here.




Asos vegan silver heelsVegan Pointy Toe Silver Heels

I hope you’re not bored of silver shoes yet. They’ve just been really trendy for a while now (as well as gold shoes) and I’m a giant magpie. So if you saw the boots above and were all like “love the silver, but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing biker-style boots”, here come these girly, block-heeled lovelies to the rescue. Metallics are the new whatever the new black was last year.

Here they are.





Asos vegan shoesCutest Vegan Patent Flats

I like these cause they look like Good Girl shoes. In fact, they kinda look like the sort of cute T-bar shoes girls wear to school. You can’t quite see from this pic, but they have a cute hole pattern thing going on that will look extra cool with some bright socks or tights. Reminds me of some of the old Kickers-style shoes, which are, sadly, never vegan.

Get these here.





Asos platform heelsBlack Vegan Platform Closed Toe Heels

Another pair of utterly functional, cheap platform heels in black, this time with thinner heels and closed toes. They are only £12, and similarly to the other platforms I listed above, are very similar to far more expensive vegan shoes I’ve seen around. They probably won’t last as long, but if you’re planning on wearing them as occasion shoes, as opposed to every day, I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth out of them.

Get them here.




Asos wide fit vegan bootsRed Vegan Wide Fit Slouch Boots

Loving this gorgeous shade of red and the lowish cone heel mean they’re great as every day boots. I also love the fact that they are wide fit, because finding good looking, wide fit footwear that’s also vegan and affordable can’t be that easy. At £20 in the sale, these are pretty damn affordable and are also just enough to get you free shipping.

Get them here.