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6 Vegan Gold and Silver Party Shoes – Sparkle on!

6 Vegan Gold and Silver Party Shoes – Sparkle on!

Inspired by tinsel, baubles, festive wrapping paper and midnight on New Year’s Eve, here are six shiny, sparkly gold and silver vegan shoes and boots to glam up your party outfit this season.

I’m so happy metallics are still on trend. Hell, I don’t even care if they are or not. I’ll be pushing these babies till the day I die.


Superga gold trainers

Superga Vegan Microglitter Trainers in Orange Gold

Parties are really just an excuse to get your sparkle on, but you don’t really need an excuse to be fabulous, do you? Every day can feel like a party when you’re wearing glittery trainers. Then again, if you’re the casual type and wear trainers every day, these could be your party trainers.  You can grab a pair here.



Good Guys Duke Silver

Good Guys Vegan Duke Boots in Silver

Made in France by this awesome designer vegan shoe company, these are nonetheless tres Americana. They’re a little bit space cowboy  and quite a lot rock’n’roll.  Also, they have just the right amount of shine to look like something you’d wear at a rodeo or a wild west circus, while still being perfectly practical. I have a whole wardrobe full of vintage dresses waiting to be paired with these.  You can get them from the Good Guys website. They also have a version with a higher heel.



Public Desire Gold Porter

Public Desire Vegan Gold Porter Boots

Simple, effective gold satin boots for girls who like their heels tall and spiky, their toes pointy and their look either sophisticated or trashy. I reckon these can work equally well for either. I’m more of a platform heel girl myself, but I know some of you are longing for vegan stilettos, so they may as well be golden.  Get them from the Dollskill website.








Draven boots

Privileged  Draven Silver Vegan Go-Go Boots

Will you be a go-go dancer, a Bond villainess or Barbarella’s long lost sister? Either way, these mirrored, futuristic boots are pretty damn hot. Definitely wow factor material right there. I dare you to wear these sexy things and not get a whole load of comments. Be your own mirror ball! Get them here. They seem to actually be sold out on the Privileged website, so I’d be quick about it.






Tamar Shalem Gold Oxfords

Tamar Shalem Vegan Gold Oxfords

These practical “go anywhere” oxfords are in a particularly fetching shade of gold.  Shiny, flat, but also smart, I think these would make awesome party shoes for women who don’t like heels, plus you can wear them with practically anything and make any outfit look extra arty. Get them from Etsy.





Vegan gold boots lucite heel

Vegan Lucite Heel Gold Ankle Boots by Golden Ponies

Loving the clear lucite heels on these. They look super vintage but are brand new and handmade. They are by Golden Ponies, one of my favourite Etsy stores, where I often go to drool over cute vegan shoes. Sadly most vintage footwear that comes with lucite heels tends to be made of leather, because: The Past. Luckily, these exist, so you can match them with everything from a 60s mini skirt to some mad, sparkly disco ensemble. Get them here.






gold lipstickMatching Gold Makeup

Also featured in the board above are this glorious silvery gold glitter eye shadow from my favourite vegan cosmetics company,Lime Crime, and this shiny shiny vegan gold lipstick by Mattekiss. Hot!

Oh and if you’re buying actual gold glitter, you should buy biodegradable glitter from somewhere like Eco Glitter.



Lime Crime Diamond Dew