Vegan shoes without the legwork

100% recycled vegan hiking boots

100% recycled vegan hiking boots

recycled vegan boots In this blog, I usually try to stay away from the more obvious types of vegan shoes and concentrate on more instantly fashionable shoes, as I think that’s the type of vegan shoes people often struggle to find.

These 100% recycled vegan hiking boots fall more into the traditional vegan shoe category – sort of chunky, sensible and earthy, while being ethical and eco-friendly as well but not exactly suitable for a night on the town. I’m not sure these are quite the same as proper, professional hiking boots, but they look perfectly light, comfortable and sturdy for the job.

I thought I’d mention them, though, as I recently came across them online and I like to support businesses that care about people, animals and the environment.

As far as this type of walking boot is concerned, these do stand out and look interestingly unusual. Wear them in the right circles and you’ll get quite a few comments, I’m sure.
I like the recycling logo and the artificial leather detailing. The website tells you exactly what they’re made of and it’s pretty fascinating!

You can get these from the Jade Planet website.