Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vintage 80s plastic vegan shoes

Vintage 80s plastic vegan shoes


Well, before we go any further, I have to say – I don’t have a link for you to get a hold of these particular shoes. I found these beauties on a beautiful lady at a designer clothes sale in Tel Aviv and just had to grab them for my blog. Apart from the super hot pink colour, they have pointy toes, are perforated and are laced with funky laces (I assume those were added by the model herself).

These are apparently actual vintage 80s shoes by Gali, an iconic Israeli brand (and by iconic, I mean iconically so bad it’s almost cool). She picked them up at the Jaffa flea market, having not been able to resist (and who could resist these???)

So the lessons that can be learned from today’s post are:

check out your local flea market (or ebay) for vintage / retro plastic shoes. Apparently the 80s had some pretty wicked things.

Also… if you are a bit handy with the craft stuff, you may be able to get some flat plastic or rubber boots and cut them up to look this cool (though the cool perforation effect may take some time to do and drive you crazy).

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