Vegan shoes without the legwork

My shoes for sale #1: Rocket dog kabuki wood heels

My shoes for sale #1: Rocket dog kabuki wood heels

vegan wood heels
vegan wood heel There comes a time in every shoe addict’s life, where one has to clear out some old shoes one never wears anymore, to make room for all the hot new shoes of the future. But seeing as many of these shoes are actually pretty wearable still and may make someone else very happy, this particular shoe addict, i.e. me, is going to offer them up to you, dear shoe-loving readers first.

So over the next bunch of days, I’m going to be selling shoes on here. Email me on or get in touch via the contact page if you’re interested. I’ll take payment by Paypal and post just about anywhere in the world (I’ll charge you exact postage, which I’ll need to find out first). I’m a size 5-6 UK so there’s a range of shoes from about 4 -6 UK (7-8 US I think? 37-39 Euro).

First up, here’s a pair of vaguely kabuki-ish heels by Rocket Dog. The soles are actual wood, but the sort of cheap wood like the stuff cheap Ikea shelves are made of. They’ve got raffia uppers with some sort of red PU padding so they won’t scratch. They are marked as size 7M, which I believe is a US size. They fit like a size 5 (38 UK) but are not actually that wide. They fit my feet pretty spot on and they’re quite narrow.

Heels are very stable, as they are quite wide. They’ve been worn a bunch of times so are not pristine, but I’d rate them as reasonable. They’re definitely pretty unusual.

Any offers £8 and above welcome 🙂