Vegan shoes without the legwork

M&S Limited collection vegan platform heels

M&S Limited collection vegan platform heels
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Here’s another nice surprise from the Marks & Sparks racks. These vegetarian high-heeled peep-toe platforms are a tad “high street” for my liking, but are certainly cute and functional. I quite like the pink lines, although I wonder if they would clash with some outfits. Not so much of a problem if most of your outfits are either black or pink 🙂

Note the patent finish, which seems to feature quite heavily in their collection.

What I like about M&S shoes is that, while not in themselves being absolute showstoppers, they do lend themselves to whatever look you want to go for. With the right outfit these could really work and be quite stylish, but they would also fit in with a more traditional, look. It’s the look that really sums up Marks and Spencer for me. It’s good to know vegans and vegetarians can utilise it too.

You can get these via the Marks and Spencer website.

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