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Entering summer mode…

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Hi everyone!

You may have noticed that the blog has been slacking recently (OK, I’ve been slacking recently) and my usual barrage of daily posts has gone down to random posts every few days or so.

Well, the truth is, I’ve been running this blog since last year in the hope that I could at least make it support itself and so far it hasn’t really, so I have been doing it for the love, because I love looking and writing about vegan shoes. Well, now summer has come and apart from the real work I do for money, I also have lots of other fun things to do that involve me being away from the computer a lot and mean it’s a lot of hassle to ensure there’s a daily post happening. I work alone, which means no one can cover me when I’m away and I don’t always have the time to write lots of posts in advance and line em up.

So basically, what I’m saying is that while I spend large chunks of my summer away from home, things might get a little bit random around here. I’m going to aim to write at least a couple of posts a week, with the hope of returning to normal once summer is over and I’m settled into a more obvious return.

I thank you for your understanding 🙂

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