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Sparkly vegan party shoes #2

Sparkly vegan party shoes #2

Luckily, sparkly party shoes that are both vegan and hot are not so hard to come by. Sequins, sparkles and shiny materials are generally synthetic, so the only snag is the choice of lining, sock and sole (and the glue, but I will write about […]

Sparkly party shoes #1 – sequin skull heels!

Sparkly party shoes #1 – sequin skull heels!

Party season is almost upon us and you know what they say: tis the season to be sparkly! Over the next few days, I will be listing my top finds for this year’s shiny, sparkly, glittery vegan party shoes to help all you disco divas […]

Vegan strappy platform heels by Timeless

Just look at these crazy platform heels! OK, I know what some of you are thinking – bright pink and purple velvet platforms with a 5″ heel might be just a teeny weeny bit too much. But if you are the sort of person who likes your shoes to make a bold statement, then these sexy party heels are definitely for you.

Vegan peep toe heels – Timeless Twist

Timeless Twist retro heels

I absolutely love these beautiful vintage-look heels by Timeless!

I discovered Timeless shoes a while back, in a little shoe shop next to where I live. I remember thinking “these shoes look far too nice, I bet they’re leather” and then being overjoyed when I realised they were 100% synthetic. A few random places in London carry their range, but because of their rather generic name, they can be difficult to find online.