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Entering summer mode…

Hi everyone! You may have noticed that the blog has been slacking recently (OK, I’ve been slacking recently) and my usual barrage of daily posts has gone down to random posts every few days or so. Well, the truth is, I’ve been running this blog […]

Olsen Haus (shoe company)

Hot, sexy designer vegan shoe company from New York. All their shoes are 100% vegan (no wool or silk either) and their materials are environmentally friendly: either plant-based or biodegradable synthetics. They have high ethical standards too, manufacture locally as much as possible and donate […]

Novacas (shoe company)

A vegan owned and operated European shoe company with some really good looking designs for both men and women. Styles vary from the smart casual to smart for the men and from trendy smart-casual to smarter trendy styles for the women. Some styles remind me […]

Vegan and vegetarian friendly shoe companies

Vegan and vegetarian friendly shoe companies

The following companies and shops are not exclusively vegan / vegetarian, but offer a good variety of vegetarian and vegan shoes. Unlike the exclusive vegan shoe companies, these are not necessarily ethical and environmentally friendly. Some companies that make leather-free shoes may also use animal-derived […]

Beyond Skin (shoe company)

An ethical UK vegan shoe company. They offer a small range of smart vegan shoes and boots for women, handmade in certified ethical factories in Spain and India. They have many beautiful looking shoes but they are also quite expensive, with an average price of […]

Melissa Shoes (shoe company)

This Brazilian company made the original “jelly shoe” and have been making weird and wonderful plastic fantastic creations for over 25 years, working with some amazing designers including Vivienne Westwood, the Campana brothers, Judy Blame and more. While the designs are award-winningly styletastic, these are […]

Bourgeois Boheme (shoe company)

A vegan, ethical and sustainable shoe company based in Richmond, London, UK. They sell shoes and boots for both men and women. The shoes are made from fair trade, eco-friendly materials. Apart from their own range, they also sell vegan shoes from other companies. The […]

Vegetarian Shoes (shoe company)

Based in Brighton, UK, this is a popular vegan shoe company providing good quality vegan shoes. All shoes are made in UK and European factories with high ethical standards. They use eco-friendly, biodegradable synthetics “whenever possible”, as well as natural materials such as hemp and […]

M&S Limited collection vegan platform heels

M&S Limited collection vegan platform heels

Here’s another nice surprise from the Marks & Sparks racks. These vegetarian high-heeled peep-toe platforms are a tad “high street” for my liking, but are certainly cute and functional. I quite like the pink lines, although I wonder if they would clash with some outfits. […]

Vegan shoe companies

Vegan shoe companies

The companies listed here are specialist vegan shoe manufacturers / shops that make or sell shoes that are 100% vegan. This means no animal products whatsoever are used during the shoe-making process. Such companies generally also maintain high ethical standards and aim to be environmentally […]


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Vegan Shoe Shopping Guides

Vegan Shoe Shopping Guides

The following guides will help make your vegetarian and vegan shoe shopping experience more rewarding. Please note, this is still a work in progress! Vegan and vegetarian shoe shopping guides Vegan shoe companies – 100% vegan, ethical shoe companies and stores. Vegan and vegetarian friendly […]

About Vegan Shoe Addict

Some things you need to know about this blog I am actually a vegetarian not a vegan, but I stopped wearing leather shoes the day I stopped eating meat. I point out shoes that are vegetarian but not vegan (i.e. made with wool) when I […]