Vegan shoes without the legwork

Olsen Haus (shoe company)

Hot, sexy designer vegan shoe company from New York. All their shoes are 100% vegan (no wool or silk either) and their materials are environmentally friendly: either plant-based or biodegradable synthetics.

They have high ethical standards too, manufacture locally as much as possible and donate to good eco and vegan causes.

All this goodness aside, their shoes appear to be absolutely beautiful too – ultra modern and very New York. They are smart, but definitely different and funky too. Proper fashion stuff!

Pricewise they are definitely high-end so beyond the means of some, but they’re not quite as insane as, say, Stella McCartney (and are also nicer and 100% vegan).

You can’t actually buy the shoes directly from their website, but there is a handy store locator there with both online and offline stores you can visit. You can also supposedly send an email to order the shoes.

Visit Olsen Haus

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