Vegan shoes without the legwork

Iron Fist (shoe company)

Hailing from San Diego, USA, this company is basically alternative, sexy vegan shoe fashion at its finest. Iron First are mostly known for their high-heeled shoes featuring a blend of retro, pin up and dark, edgy motifs such as bows, stripes, roses, skulls and even zombies. Their designs are cool, young and fun, rather than classic.

Their high heels tend to be very high and are often also very thin – meaning they’re not right for anyone. However, they do make really funky rainboots and combat-inspired boots as well as some flats and sandals. Their shoes are certainly statement pieces that will attract attention and it’s good to know all their shoes are vegan. They also apparently make clothing and accessories along the same lines.

Visit the Iron Fist US site

Visit the Iron Fist UK website

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