Vegan shoes without the legwork

Beyond Skin (shoe company)

An ethical UK vegan shoe company. They offer a small range of smart vegan shoes and boots for women, handmade in certified ethical factories in Spain and India.
They have many beautiful looking shoes but they are also quite expensive, with an average price of about 150 UK pounds for a pair of heels (more for boots, less for flats). Not quite uber-designer, but definitely scratching the high end of the high-street price range. This is what leather-wearing shoe addicts pay for good quality shoes, though vegeterians and vegans may find the price a bit shocking when compared with the cheap synthetics we usually buy.

The shoes certainly appear to be better made than your average high-street synthetic shoes, so one would assume they are going to last (I’d hope so, at that price!). I don’t own any of their shoes, though, so can’t personaly testify as to their construction and longevity.

Beyond Skin maintains high ethical standards, sources environmentally friendly materials (no PVC) and donates a (small) percentage of its profits to grassroots organisations that further ethical and environmental causes.

Visit Beyond Skin (international delivery available)

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