Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan Nike trainers

Vegan Nike trainers

Vegan nike trainers I know some of you have issues with Nike, so this post is not for you. I also know many of you don’t have any other issues with Nike, apart from not being able to find any of their shoes in vegan. This includes reader Tze-Wen (Hi!) who emailed in to tell me about these very cool Nike trainers for women. So now I am sharing this knowledge with you. These are made out of shiny black nylon fabric and are complemented with a bright neon sole (I wonder if it actually glows in UV?)

If black and pink/orange are not your thing, there’s also a grey and fluoro yellow version available.

All in all, these are really cool trainers, so if you’ve been gagging for a pair of Nikes but have so far been unable to find a vegan pair, then now’s your chance.

You can get them from Schuh.