Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan Men’s unusual high-top punk trainers

Vegan Men’s unusual high-top punk trainers
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vegan high-top trainersOK, here’s one for the boys, cause I’ve been writing about women’s shoes for weeks and there are actually some really nice vegan shoes for men too. These vegan high-tops by Macbeth are actually so awesome, I am actually considering doing the maths and figuring out my size in men’s sizes so I can get myself a pair, though they do look somewhat, well, manly.

They are the fruit of a collaboration between Macbeth and Mike Dirnt from Green Day (here he is wearing them) and they are pretty weird-looking. Good weird. I know Converse high-tops and friends are practically a part of the vegetarian and vegan diet, so it’s so good to see canvas high-tops that actually don’t look like your average canvas high-tops.

These “Schubert” trainers have really butch patent detailing and unusual eyelets (for a canvas trainer) that make them look sort of punked up but still very trainery/skate shoe and very American. It’s like a Converse All-stars going to a Halloween party dressed as a punk. I’m loving the grey and black that goes with everything and the patent makes them look posher than your average trainer too, which is good cause they’re somewhat more expensive too.

These are indeed totally hot, though I do believe you need to have at least a minimal sense of style to be able to carry them off or the decency to wear them with black if you don’t. The patent bits (that’s “shiny bits” for you non-fashion savvy folk) can be a bit much for your everyday nerd. Maybe you should get a new expensive haircut and a few tattoos or something to go with.

These vegan men’s shoes are available from Macbeth.

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