Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan men’s black skate shoes

Vegan men’s black skate shoes
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vegan skate shoes Oh I do like the Macbeth trainers / sneakers / skate shoes for the boys. They are just so… understatedly cool. It’s like the people who designed them know they’re just shoes and that shoes should know their place, but they also know that people often judge you based on your shoes, even if it’s only as part of the grander scheme of what you’re wearing.

These are black, simple and sexy but are just real sweet at the same time. If you wore these and wanted people to know you were vegan, you’d have to wear one of those “nobody knows I’m a vegan” T-shirts (do they exist? I think they probably do).

These are just so much about having the sort of super cool skater or grungy look thang that no one would think anything of it and you wouldn’t get instantly tagged as a vegan anarchist. See? Understatedly cool…

You can get them via Mooshoes.

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