Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan bowling shoe trainers

Vegan bowling shoe trainers

vegan bowling shoe trainers How awesome! Vegan trainers printed with a bowling shoe pattern. I just found this site where I gather people can custom design trainers and then they are sold on the site. There are some super cool designs on there and I’m definitely going to be reviewing a bunch as I go through them.

I really like these, cause I really like bowling shoes. I actually have a pair of Rocket Dogs made out of old stock Chinese vegan bowling shoes, though they are single colour. These are not quite as cool as actual bowling shoes, but on the other hand they’re trainers and therefore more socially acceptable around people who don’t understand how cool those are to actually wear out, but can get down with the irony of wearing a trainer that looks like them.

Not cheap, but how many people you know have trainers that look like bowling shoes?

You can get these from Zazzle.