Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan tassled wingtip brogues

Vegan tassled wingtip brogues
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vegan wingtip brogues How super super cute! I’ve written about all kinds of flat vegan wingtip brogues but I do love these. They have a cute little bow and a funky tassle thing going on, making them just that extra bit more interesting and dressy. Oh so lovely!

You can get them from Modcloth. Hopefully they still have them in stock. They tend to only bring a small number of pairs from each shoe and they don’t always bring them back when they run out.
If you see any pair of shoes on there you like, your best option is not to think too hard about it, or find out what company makes them and remember it in case they run out by the time you’ve decided to shop.
These may well not last very long on there, but I guess if enough people email and say they want a pair, they may reorder when they run out.

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