Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan cotton mary janes

vegan mary jane flats Remember these? They were all over the place in the 90s. You could buy them in China Town and they came in all kinds of colours and patterns, most usually in canvas / cotton or velvet.

Well, Urban Outfitters are doing them now. At least if you live in Canada.

They come in a few different patterns and a whole load of solid colours. They used to be a vegan staple shoe when I was uhh… somewhat younger than today. With the 90s being back in retro circulation now, I think it’s about time they came back in.

Oh, and if you don’t remember this part – these shoes are super cute, but the soles are super thin. You’ll fell every little stone on the road as you walk along. These, I believe, started off as the girlie answer to those kong fu shoes you can get in China Town. I guess a martial artist needs to be connected to the earth as if he / she is not wearing shoes at all.

You can get these from UO