Vegan shoes without the legwork

Flat (ish) vegan lace up oxfords

Flat (ish) vegan lace up oxfords
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Vegan oxfords If you liked the higher heeled vegan oxfords I wrote about recently but aren’t that keen on high heels, then these are definitely the shoes for you. They are small and cute and very flat, apart from having the tiniest heel. they’re also made by NeuAura which is a vegan-owned, ethical company.

They’d make good every day shoes that you could also wear to work.

You can get them from Vickerey.

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3 thoughts on “Flat (ish) vegan lace up oxfords”

  • This blog is amazing!! I also would consider myself a vegan shoe addict and I will now be avidly following your blog! Do you get many shoes from the UK on? And do you have a button I could add to my blog? Zoe xx

  • Thanks! I don’t have a button, but that’s mostly cause no one’s ever asked for one. I’ll let you know when I make one 🙂

    As for UK shoes, I live in the UK so yes, I do get a lot of UK shoes on here.

  • Great! Let me know when you do! It’d be great to direct people to blogs that promote ethical living! And, also very chic/fashionable!

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