Vegan shoes without the legwork

Cool vegan Japanese split toe ninja shoes

Cool vegan Japanese split toe ninja shoes
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Japanese ninja shoes I love those split toe ninja shoe things, so obviously I like these even more. You’ve got weird shaping, bold colours and Japanese flowers, what else could a girl want?

These come in all kinds of crazy colours with patterns and solid colours. I think I actually want them all!

Do remember that these belong to the “feel every tiny little stone on the road” family of shoes. A ninja needs to walk silently and quietly and feel everything under his or her feet.
Personally, I could have done with a bit more padding on the sole. Saying that, for a chance to be seen in these, I’d run across a field of gravel.

You can get these from Sense of Fashion. Check out the other shoes by the same seller. They even have veggie ninja shoe trainers!

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