Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan slight wedge sandals with bow

Vegan slight wedge sandals with bow
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vegan bow sandals Summer is apparently on its way out, judging by the sudden appearance of autumn boot styles in the shops. Here at Vegan Shoe Addict, though, I’m going to hold on to every last bit of sunshine, damnit!

Here’s some sandals for you, as we still have a few weeks of summer yet.

These simple but fashionable sandals have a slight wedge for a bit of extra height and poise but are still flat enough for comfort. They are made out of a lovely shiny vegan material and come in a whole load of colours apart from this classic black (red, yellow, blue, etc.).

It’s amazing how the addition of something as simple as a bow can make these look instantly rockabilly / retro. They may not be the full blown pin up heel version, but you could easily wear them with your 50s cut dress and go about your business without anyone questioning your retro credentials too much.

You can get them at Office.

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