Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan hiking sandals

Vegan hiking sandals
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vegan hiking sandals After a week of crazy shoes, it’s time to get practical – adventure practical!

So here’s a pair of the kind of sandals you can wear when hiking, trekking (within reason) and generally walking about in a healthy, sensible, practical manner. Plus, they have a bit of pink in them, so they are still girlie at the same time, even though they are perfectly sensible and stuff. Apparently they are water-friendly, too, which I assume means they dry quickly and don’t rub your feet funny if you’ve been wearing them while crossing a river or sitting in a boat. Also good for summer festivals in countries that have a proper summer (and festivals).

I’m actually very fond of this type of sandal, though I find they usually stick some suede on for effect, thus ruining my chances of buying them.

You can get these vegan hiking adventurer sandals from Zappos.

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