Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan cut out rubber pumps

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Vegan stars cut out rubber pumps Aren’t these fun and girlie? I like the cut out design and the little wedge, plus the ribbon makes a nice touch. Yup, rubber is definitely a vegan’s friend when it comes to summer footwear.
They are by Marc Jacob, and you can get them on the Zappos site. They come in a few different colours that are all rather cute and there’s also classic black for the purists.

gold vegan cut out shoes These gold cut out rubber beauties are also by Marc Jacobs and also on Zappos. Are they shoes? Are they sandals? Either way, they’re unusual and sort of sexy (with the right outfit) and they also come in black.

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1 thought on “Vegan cut out rubber pumps”

  • very cute! they take me back to the old school jellies. but why doesn’t marc/marc jacobs show some love to those of us w/ big feet?! can he say/make size 11?

    chocolate & arugula

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