Vegan shoes without the legwork

Striped vegan peep toe wedges

Striped vegan peep toe wedges
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vegan wedge heels Look what I found in the sale for only £10! I know it’s snowing (in some places) but these are the sort of thing that doesn’t go out of style. Classic raffia base, practically nautical stripes… you know the score! Simple, effective and incredibly useful. For this price you can get them now and put them away till spring.

8 CM is about, what, 3 inches? That’s not too bad for heels. I wonder if they’d make good dancing shoes. You know, for swing or lindy hop or stuff like that. Who knows. For £10 it’s worth a go. Worst case scenario you just wear them with your vintage dress or skinny jeans and pretend.

They also come in a whole load of other (solid) colours, all for the same price. Beware of the brown suede ones though!

These are available from Office.

I have been going through the Office site and looking for bargains and have found quite a few. Pay attention over the next few days as I tell you about some other cool retro wedge surprises!

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