Vegan shoes without the legwork

Glittery gold vegan flat pumps

Glittery gold vegan flat pumps
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Vegan gold flat pumps Yes, it’s that time again when I write about another super cool pair of shoes by Melissa Shoes.
Here’s a sweet little pair of glittery gold shiny flats. They’re made of the flock material which is kinda velvety to the touch but actually made of special plastic. There’s contrasting toes and soles in the smooth plastic too and really cute ribbons to tie the whole thing together (pun somewhat intended).

They’re certainly unusual and funky. There are so many flat ballet pumps out there, but these have a nice twist and would make cute going out shoes or cute going home shoes if you normally like wearing heels when you go out.

They come in a few other colours too, including a very understated grey that you could probably even wear with work clothes. After all, these don’t actually look like they’re made of plastic!

You can get these vegan gold pumps on the site .

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