Vegan shoes without the legwork

Funky vegan flat lace up pumps by Babycham

Funky vegan flat lace up pumps by Babycham
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rockabilly flash vegan shoes These simple but cute flat lace up pumps by Babycham are called “Rockabilly Flash”. I’m not quite sure why they’re called rockabilly. Maybe it’s because they sort of look a bit like bowling shoes or maybe they look like they’d be nice to have a dance in. Of course, it could all be a clever bit of marketing, but who cares? They’re pretty.

They are black and somewhat shiny with the perforated patent-effect look and have a slightly pointy toe and a white embroidered babycham logo on the back. I like the fact that the top eyelets for the laces are star-shaped and the colourful lining is a nice touch as well, though obviously less noticable when you’re wearing them.

These look wicked on. You could wear them instead of pilms or trainers and they’d fit right in but look slightly different at the same time. They come in this black colour or a slightly odd white with multi-coloured eyelets and a red embroidered logo.

Available (in the UK at least) exclusively from Schuh.

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