Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan pointy lace up shoes for men

Vegan pointy lace up shoes for men
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vegan pointy men's shoes Vegetarian Shoes have their summer sale on right now so you can grab some real bargains if you happen to have the right size of feet. Some shoes are reduced to only £10, though there are only a few pairs left in stock. These, however, still seem to be available for quite a few sizes, though they are a bit more expensive (still half price, though!). They come in this shade of black or in white and are sort of flashy in a way I’m sure will appeal to some of you guys. Apparently they make a clip clop sound when you walk, too! They are implied to be unisex but start at a European 41 (UK 8, I believe) and are also quite masculine in shape. Still, they may well fit your style even if you are a woman who happens to have big feet!

You can get them from Vegetarian Shoes.

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