Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan wedge brogues

Vegan wedge brogues
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vegan wedge brogues If you’ve been following my blog (which you obviously have, right?) you already know how fond I am of Melissa shoes. Well, here’s a new one from them, by designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. It’s like a cross between their more “classic” (sic. The shoes are made of bubblegum-scented plastic) brogue and a modern wedge heel. They come in a bunch of colours, plus a couple of less broguey and more wedgey “flocked” material (the thing that looks sort of like velvet but is still plastic).

No clue where to buy them as of yet. The Melissa site seems to generally be a concept site rather than, you know, a useful one where you can buy shoes.

Still, you can check them out and then run your own shoe search. I’m sure somewhere online does them.

Look these up on the Melissa site.

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