Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan urban bohemian heels

Vegan urban bohemian heels
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Another winner from Novacas, this time for the ladies. I just love their look. It’s chunky, somewhat bohemian but still very urban and modern at the same time. These vegan heels come in the sort of colours you usually only see in leather. Yes, that’s right, someone has finally figured out the fact that the tanned leather look is a good look and transported it into vegan world. OK, so I’ve actually seen some cheap knock offs of leather shoes with this sort of colour scheme before, but Novacas are 100% vegan, ethical, etc. etc.

They are actually on sale now too at Mooshoes so are only $50.
They also come in sort of olive green or black too.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan urban bohemian heels”

  • I actually bought these shoes from Neon Collective and had to send them back because they were a very odd size – tried two different sizes before giving up. I think they’re still selling them though, in the sale too, if anyone wants to give them a go. Maybe I have odd feet? Loving your blog, by the way, have just bought some great Rocket Dog boots that you featured and am really pleased with them!

  • Thanks for your comment! That’s a good bit of info and I’m glad you like your new Rocket Dog boots!

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