Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan retro 70s orange platform heels

Vegan retro 70s orange platform heels

Vegan orange platform heels Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t you just love these?

It’s definitely 70s retro season at Miss Selfridge. Here’s a pair of bright orange open toed platform heels that wouldn’t shame a blaxpoitation movie. They sport a solid, comfortable platform heel and a simple round buckle. They also come in some sort of creamy beige colour, but why be dull?

These would be great with miniskirts or dresses and obviously midi and maxi dresses too (as maxi dresses very big in the 70s). For some reason, the image that keeps getting into my head is these with woolly tights, a super short skirt and some sort of 70s woolly hat, but maybe that’s just because it’s cold outside. These would be far better at home in summer and spring with a healthy, shimmering tan.

You can get these at Miss Selfridges.