Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan high heel brogues

Vegan high heel brogues

high heel brogues Another one to add to the list of vegan brogues and wingtip shoes – these lovely vegan high-heel oxfords from Beyond Skin. They’re called “serpent” and it’s not difficult to see why, cause they are totally femme fatale material – so superbly vampy.

The addition of a 4″ heel to the originally masculine oxford pattern is not new, but Beyond Skin do it with style and grace. These definitely top the list for a pin up bombshell vegan brogue.

These shoes are handmade in Spain to be hard-wearing and comfortable. They are certainly hot enough to be party shoes, but also smart enough to be very stylish work shoes. Check out the video of the shoes in action on the Beyond Skin site, very film noir (in a colourful, sunny sort of way).

I’m loving the extra femme fatale red contrasted with black in this colour combo, but you could also happily opt for more traditional grey and black or all-brown versions.

These hot vegan brogues are available from Beyond Skin.