Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan coral pretend wood heel platform heels

Vegan coral pretend wood heel platform heels
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vegan coral platform sandals I’ve said before on this blog that there seems to be a shortage of vegan shoes with real wooden heels. I have since then found a few pairs of vegan shoes with wooden heels, but these shoes are not one of them (I’ll write about those later).

A pretend wood heel is definitely not quite as cool as a real wooden heel, but I do like the shape of these shoes, plus the coral colour is different and rather nice.

These are shoes that could lend themselves to a seemingly out of their league outfit if you did it right, matched the colours and didn’t try to go too high up the class scale.

With a cheery summery dress they could look very cute indeed. They also come in a grey colour, which could be useful.

You can get them from Dorothy Perkins.

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