Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan black square toe platforms

Vegan black square toe platforms

Square toed heels In keeping with this week’s apparent trend of cheap and useful vegan shoes you can use to put the finishing touches on a fine looking outfit, here are some black square toed mary jane heels. The square toe is apparently very in nowadays and here is a good example of reasonably priced, square toed vegan heels.

If these shoes were a person, they probably wouldn’t be your best friend or the love of your life, but they’d always be there for you when you needed them. You know, the sort of friend who’s not the most exciting person in the world, but you can spend an entirely pleasant evening with them every once in a while or work together on a successful project at the office.

If you’re not good with high heels, though, they could be the slightly grating friend who’s always there for you, but you sometimes wish you were hanging out with a better friend instead.

You can get these at Dorothy Perkins.