Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan black and white mary janes #2 by Marks & Spencer

Vegan black and white mary janes #2 by Marks & Spencer
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marks and spencer mary janes Recently, I wrote about a neat little pair of vegan white trimmed black mary janes. I just found a similar pair on the M&S website.
The M&S ones are slightly less modern-looking and have a cute retro button detail. They also have a chunkier square heel which is friendlier for the heel-shy.
They cost 25 pounds, which is pretty damn cheap, I’m sure you’ll agree.
They look like they have plastic soles, so combined with the low, comfortable heel, I’m guessing they’d be quite comfortable to dance in, though will probably not have particularly good grip (hence why I’m guessing they’d be good for dancing in – think of all those spins and turns!).

Like all of the Marks’ shoes I’ve seen, they’re not exactly fashion week scoop material, so don’t expect them to make your outfit in one fell swoop. You know the score: choose a good outfit that could benefit from  black and white retro shoe action and they’d contribute finely.  I’m kinda thinking along the lines of bold coloured tights and an understated but well cut dress.

These vegan mary janes are available from the Marks and Spencer site.

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