Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan ballroom and latin dance shoes

Vegan ballroom and latin dance shoes
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vegan dance shoes It’s hard to find professional dance shoes that are vegan, because even if the upper is made out of a vegan material, the soles are often made of suede to make turning and sliding easier. I’ve written before about vegan swing dance shoes but here’s one for you lovers of ballroom and latin (tango, salsa, etc.). They are provided by Ethical Wears, a vegan shoe company from Wales, UK. While I love the way Ethical Wear do business, I must admit I’m not always a fan of their shoe styles. These, however, look very much like the usual type of dance shoes you’re likely to see on the dance floor. They might not be the most unusually gorgeous around, but they are perfectly sweet and are designed specifically for dancing.

It’s worth noting that if you can’t get a hold of a proper vegan dance shoe or can’t afford this one, you can usually get by with cheap mass-produced vegan shoes. Their soles are usually not very grippy, which can be good for
the dancefloor. I have a pair of cheap vegan heels I wear to my dance classes and I always get women coming up to me and asking me where I got them from, thinking they are pro dance shoes!

Ethical Wears also do a practice shoe for women and two styles in vegan dance shoes for men. You can get all these from the Ethical Wears site.

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