Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan 80s heels

Vegan 80s heels

vegan 80s heels Who said the 80s were dead? Here are a couple of 80s styles to go with your shoulder pads and that jump suit or cat suit you’ve been keeping in your wardrobe. So first up are the Zebracorn heels from Iron Fist. Their shoes are usually a bit more emo / teeny-goth, but not these. Ooooh aren’t they Miami Vice (and no, that wasn’t Cockney rhyming slang).
If you’re the kind of gal who sees 80s as retro, then these will go well with all your charity shop purchases (or posh vintage shop purchases, whatever works).

vegan 80s pumps
But if the wild tropical animal pattern paradise is not your thing, then how about these paint splash beauties straight from the dark, arty clubs of New York city? Everyone will be asking “who’s that girl?” when you wear these.

I’m sorry, I just can’t do 80s stuff with a straight face. I find the whole look so incredibly over the top.

But hey, if this is your look and you’re all about the jump suit, the bleached jeans and the batwing tops then definitely add these to your arsenal of fun.

They’re called Mistie Airbrush and are by Rocket dog. You can get both of these at Schuh.

And here’s a little something to get you in the mood for strutting your stuff in these vegan 80s heels: