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Sparkly party shoes #1 – sequin skull heels!

Sparkly party shoes #1 – sequin skull heels!
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Iron Fist digi skulls vegan heels
Party season is almost upon us and you know what they say: tis the season to be sparkly!
Over the next few days, I will be listing my top finds for this year’s shiny, sparkly, glittery vegan party shoes to help all you disco divas make an impression.
Sequins are apparently very hot this season and you can see them on anything from 70s and 80s throwbacks to mini dresses and even leggings. All you need is the perfect pair of sparkle shoes to complete the look.

To start us off, I thought I’d start with these sequin skull heels by Iron First. Why? Well, for one, Halloween is only a few weeks gone and I, for one, have fondness for skulls. Also, these shoes are pretty damn marvellous!
Offered in two different colour combos – black and red (vampire classic) and green and purple (traditional ghoulish colours of choice) – these shoes are funky, shiny and yes, totally hot.

Iron Fist digi skulls vegan shoes green

These are truly happy party shoes with a bit of a dark twist and a sense of humour too. I love them. My only problem is deciding which of the two colours I want more.

These vegan sequin skull heels are available in the UK at Office shoes and in the US directly from Iron Fist.

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