Vegan shoes without the legwork

Simple vegan metallic mules

Simple vegan metallic mules
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vegan metallic mules Another fun vegan find in the Office sale. These simple metallic mules look like they have wooden heels but they’re actually synthetic. It’s a shame, but it also means that the bits that look like letter are synthetic as well. They come in a few different colours including an all black version and only cost £10.

Personally, I’ve never had much luck getting very far with high-heeled mules, but it’s a popular and useful look for many, so it’s good to know there’s a handy vegan version out.

Match them with white shorts, a bikini top, bubble gum and big fake boobs and discover your inner bimbo with these mules or wear them with something a bit less drastic. Either way they’re funky.

You can get them from Office.

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