Vegan shoes without the legwork

Retro vegan grey lace up heels

Retro vegan grey lace up heels
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Vegan retro heels
First the bad news. I’m having to prioritise my workload as I have a lot of projects on the go and am beginning to stress out about not having any free time. Unfortunately, this blog is currently not contributing anything towards my income, so I have to stop posting every day for a while so I can spend more time working on what’s making me money and still have time to do other things. I will post twice a week as standard and, if I have more time, post more.

I will aim for Mondays and Fridays. I suggest you subscribe to the blog via one of the options on the right so you always know when the next post is coming, in case I suddenly find a huge load of shoes and the time to write about them.
Once my workload subsides a bit, I’ll hopefully be back to the usual post a day.
And the good news? These wicked shoes are really cheap :). They’re a retro staple that you could wear with all your gear and they’d retro up and doll up just about any outfit. As long as you avoid tracksuits I reckon you could just about wear them with anything and make it sweet.

You can get them at Modcloth.

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