Vegan shoes without the legwork

Mad vegan rockabilly cork wedges

Mad vegan rockabilly cork wedges
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vegan rockabilly cork wedges Well, it doesn’t get much crazier than this, does it? I’m not sure where you’d wear these to, how, what with or why, but here they are. They are pretty over the top in every way possible. I mean, they’ve got a wedge, they’ve got colourful tattoo designs, there’s some sort of dangly thing at the back and there’s even one with leopard print. Someone’s obviously taken every possible new rockabilly trick in the book and put it into a shoe.

I guess you need to be a very particular kind of person to be able to carry these off and do them justice and if you are that person, then you’re already reaching for your card and counting the minutes till your emotional meeting. I salute you!

You can get these by following this link.

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