Vegan shoes without the legwork

Interchangeable vegan wood-look heels

Interchangeable vegan wood-look heels
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Interchangeable vegan heels Here’s a really cool concept! Thanks to Marta at for letting me know.

These shoes basically come with interchangeable tops, so you can get more wear out of each pair by changing the way the top half looks. There are all kinds of different soles and tops to choose from, from flip flops to these sort of heels I have here.

I think it’s cool as it means you can take one pair of shoes on holiday with you, plus a bunch of tops for them that pack up quite small. Then you can just swap them round to go with your outfits.
Here’s what the bottom bit looks like without a top.
vegan interchangeable heels without top
As you can see, the tops clip onto those bits down the side. I’ve not tried them myself to see how strong those bits are. They’d need to be quite strong clips to keep the top on through heavy use!

You can get these and the rest of the range at

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1 thought on “Interchangeable vegan wood-look heels”

  • What a neat idea. I love the fact that they are eco as well as vegan. Last year when I became a vegetarian I decided to get rid of all my leather shoes, belts, bags, etc but I couldn’t just throw them away. It seemed like such a waste. I eventually gave a few things away through and then found I could trade some of my leather shoes for vegan shoes at I still have two really nice leather bags that I’d rather not give away. I’d prefer to do something positive with them. Anyone have any ideas?

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