Vegan shoes without the legwork

Beautiful vegan Vivienne Westwood mock croc heels

Beautiful vegan Vivienne Westwood mock croc heels
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Vegan Vivienne Westwood heels Would you believe these beautiful Vivienne Westwood heels are vegan and made of that special Melissa Shoes plastic? Aren’t they totally awesome? These are probably the most “adult” shoes she’s designed for Melissa. I don’t mean adult in an adult movie way but in a grown up way. I love all the shoes she’s done for Melissa but they have certainly been very playful, obviously drawing inspiration from the materials and appealing to quite a fashion-savvy, young at heart audience that’s not afraid of wearing quirky plastic shoes.

These, on the other hand, while they do come in a few loud, plastic colours, are much more serious-looking. You could wear them to your gallery opening and still get away with it. One assumes they look more rubbery in person than on the Internet, but I still reckon you’d need to be pretty close to notice.

Either way, you can get them from Endless.

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