Vegan shoes without the legwork

Bold vegan designer open toe shoes

Bold vegan designer open toe shoes
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graphic designer vegan shoes Well well well, another fine shoe from Olsen Haus. They are certainly not 80s-free but they are oh so bold and stylish. I’m really loving the combination of the two patterns.

They are called “Swim” – maybe because the blue pattern looks like the surface of a swimming pool? It reminds me of those movies about condo complexes in LA in the 80s.

These are on sale at Neon Collective, which is a very cool vegan online boutique in the UK. I’ve had an email from them a while back and never got around to including them here for some reason, but it’s about time I did. They have lots of other cool shoes, including a big range of Olsen Haus stuff.

The direct link to the above shoes is here.

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