Vegan shoes without the legwork

Western style vegan over the knee boots

Western style vegan over the knee boots
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vegan over the knee boots Hot over the knee boots by Rocket Dog that are not quite cowboy boots but still quite western anyway.
Also the first Rocket Dog shoes / boots that really caught my eye this year, so I was happy to discover they weren’t one of the annoying leathery styles they make. Sadly, my favourite Rocket Dog boots (the Nokout, I think they’re called) are leather, so I couldn’t buy them.
I wish I had a pair of these boots right now because my winter haven has turned out quite stormy these past couple of days. Oh well, I’ll have to settle for my Vegetarian Shoes Paraboots instead, unbeaten by mud, poisonous desert dust and heavy friend who tested their steel toes! Not quite as sexy as these, though (though I guess it depends on who you ask). I did spot a few Rocket Dog styles in a store in the cheap area of town the other day, so it might be time to investigate.

You can get these Rocket Dogs from Amazon.

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