Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan hiking boots

Vegan hiking boots
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vegan hiking boots So, the other day I was out hiking with my cousins while my house was being robbed… No, that’s not some funny blog thing. Some fuckers actually broke in and stole some important stuff, including the laptop I use to do things like write this blog. But, as they say, the blog must go on…

I realised I don’t actually have any proper hiking boots and these vegan hiking boots by Vegetarian shoes caught my eye. They’re unisex, though they look kinda manly and they are sturdy and hard wearing, plus generally pretty hard. Great for hiking and kicking things while pulling your hairs out thinking about all the stuff you had on your PC that some wanker is now looking at instead of you (or kicking the people who stole my stuff in a very non-pacifist way if I ever got anywhere near them).

But let us get onto cheerier things, as these boots actually deserve a happy blog post. They are of very high quality, as the veggie shoes stuff always is, plus they are 100% vegan and ethical. I’ve been hiking with my Nova boots, which are nice, but not exactly trailblazing boots when compared to these. Sure, the Novas are sexier, but they’ll never hold you the way these do…

I found these on Mooshoes , though you can also get them directly from Vegetarian Shoes.

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