Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan roller skates

Vegan roller skates

vegan roller skates Well, these are technically boots… My friend Erin of the awesome London Roller Girls tipped me off about these 100% vegan skates.

They are made of clarino, which is some sort of synthetic leather-like material. I can’t skate for shit, but if I wanted to try, I’d definitely be wanting to buy a vegan pair, so would want to know where I can get one. These look so pretty, too! They are made by Riedell and are apparently exactly the same as the Wicked model but that one’s made of leather and these aren’t. I have it on good authority that these are good skates.

You can get them from who seem to have them for far less than other places I’ve seen.

These are definitely not cheap, but then again, if you’re going to try out for the roller derby, do you really want to be skating around on cheap skates? (if you do, you can try these vegan roller skates by RW instead).