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Vegan Punky Brewster trainers

Vegan Punky Brewster trainers
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vegan punky high top trainers I know I’m showing my age here, but Punky Brewster is all I can think about when I see these. They are so totally 80s teenager. I love it! Ok, I can think of a few other things too – My little pony and the care bears being but a couple…

We’ve got denim, we’ve got the classic high-top shape and there’s zips and stars too with plenty of colours and, most importantly, bright pink laces and lining! All you’d need to do is infuse these with a pencil eraser scent and I’d literally fall down and cry with nostalgic tears of joy.

I mean, you have to be a little bit 12 to wear them (even if only on the inside) but oh to be 12 again and teeny-bop along to your favourite pop songs with these on! We do love shoes with a sense of humour here at Vegan Shoe Addict, so bring on the rainbow!

You can get these vegan 80s trainers from Cloggs and they also come in a somewhat more subdued version with black, pink and turquoise.

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1 thought on “Vegan Punky Brewster trainers”

  • I’m going to show my age too. I’m thinking they remind me of Rainbow Bright. But I also see Punky wearing them. Great find! They totally speak to my inner 12 yr old. And my inner 12 yr old says they would look awesome with purple slouch socks…

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