Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan military style knee high rain boots

Vegan military style knee high rain boots
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Vegan military style rain boots I must admit that, while I like the looks of wellie boots / rubber rain boots in the context of festivals and fields, I wouldn’t wear them on the city streets unless there was some sort of flooding emergency.
These Hunter Regent Grosvenor boots, though, are just about hot enough to be worn in more urban surroundings. Behold their hot metallic buttons that make them look like proper military or navy boots! They’re shiny, yes, but with the patterened bits it may well take people a bit of time to notice these are made of plastic and not leather. Of course, if you live anywhere outside of London, you may be able to wear any old rain boots on the streets of your city anyway. I think it may only be the English who have such a countryside alliance and Glastonbury festival hippie association with rubber rainboots.

You can get these at Schuh.

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