Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan light grey canvas walking boots with flowers

Vegan light grey canvas walking boots with flowers
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vegan canvas ankle boots Well, the Palladium 90s look must be back, cause since I saw a pair of the originals on Schuh, I have noticed an explosion of them elsewhere. Here’s some from Office’s own brand, complete with a flowery lining that looks like something your gran would have as a wallpaper. Still, it’s not entirely uneasy on the eye, is it?

Yes, you can wear them as hiking boots, especially if you roll up the flowery bits so that the boots hold your ankle better. I admit that when I wore my similar pairs as hiking boots, it was in the desert where it was A. mostly dry and B. a very similar colour to these boots. You may want to get a different pair of vegan hiking boots if you’re going for a stroll in the English countryside.

These are not waterproof, but they do dry very quickly, plus they have the whole English garden thing going for them, so you can carry a bit of the countryside around with you.

You can get them from Office.

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